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Choose A Dryer That Compliments Your Compressor

All compressors need the right air dryer so that it receives the air necessary for them to be operational. Air-Line Systems Ltd offers a host of dryers and air refrigeration units at affordable and convenient prices.
We stock the Worthington Creyssensac DW dryers that are known for their durability, efficiency and minimal power requirement. These dryers supply dry compressed air for your production process with a low-pressure drop for optimum efficiency. We also provide dryers from ABAC and MARK. While we’re based in Orpington, we serve clients throughout Kent.
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Keep Your Air Dryer Functioning Safely

Refrigeration dryers are a great way for you to keep your production process intact. During the compression process, a compressor turns humidity in the intake air into condensate.
This causes wear and corrosion to the compressed air network and downstream equipment. The results are costly interruptions to production, and a reduction in the efficiency and service life of the equipment used.
Industrial air dryers can prevent these negative consequences and keep your business unit operational. If you have any emergency servicing requirements, let us know and we’ll assist you as best as we can.

Using An Air Dryer Protects Your Compressed Air Installation Against:

  • Moisture Particles
  • Oil
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
Our air drying systems are not only easy to install but are remarkably efficient, long-lasting and offer clean, hygienic and dry air.
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Prevent rust and condensate problems by installing a compressed air dryer to remove water from your compressed air.

An important part of many compressed air systems is the compressed air dryers. Importantly, although not necessary for home type compressors, when you use many air tools or air-operated machinery, an air dryer is a must-have!

A compressor that sucks in 20 litres of air per second, also supplies 24 litres of water a day! Around 15 of them would be removed from the aftercooler. Seven litres would be removed in a (refrigerant) compressed air dryer.


Finally, for a proven air dryer in Kent, call Air-Line Systems Ltd on 01689 871 048. We’re located in Orpington.

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