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Compressor Filters in Orpington, Kent and The Surrounding area


Air Compressor Filters Kent

Replacement Compressor Filters
in Orpington, Kent and the surrounding areas

Want to purchase an Compressor Filters from a leading and reputable manufacturer? Look no further than Air-Line Systems Ltd in Orpington. Our selection of air filters is diverse and all our filters can successfully remove waste from your air compressor and keep your workplace environment healthy. Air filters can be easily fitted to your existing system. We also offer air dryers for commercial purposes throughout London, Maidstone, Worthing, Portsmouth & Southampton.

Compressor Filters in London

Disposing of Air Compressor Waste Responsibly

At Airline Systems, we provide you with the best solutions. Our filters get rid of air compressor waste responsibly. We stock filters from different brands to meet your requirements.

Therefore, No matter which filter you require, we have got you covered. With over three decades of experience, our engineers are fully equipped to make the right suggestion for your company.

Filters From Top Brands

Whether you want to purchase filters from MARK or Worthington, Air-Line Systems Ltd can help.

MARK filters are simple to install and use as they don’t require electrical powering.

Compressor Filters in Kent

Filter requirements are increasing all the time.

Along with regular oil changes and maintenance. Your air compressor filtration is an essential part of keeping your compressor system running smoothly and efficiently. This is done by keeping out dirt and debris. Air compressor filtration protects your compressor from corrosion. Thereby, extending its life and reducing necessary repairs.

Air cleaners: keep the compressor clean

All filters in a compressed air system work closely together, the quality of each filter is very important.
The air cleaner is a critical factor since it has an effect on all the other filter systems installed downstream. Only air filters with the highest quality achieve the required filter fineness and are therefore able to guarantee an economic and reliable operation of the system.
Therefore they increase the service life of all filters installed downstream.
Long service life thanks to a high dirt holding capacity
Separation efficiency of almost 100% 
Filter designed for air cleaner housing and therefore easy to service

Airline Systems Ltd offer you:

Long service life for all compressor filter systems

Protection against wear in your compressed air system

Service Kits

Air Filters

Oil Filters

Compressor Air Oil Separators 

Oil Lubricated Compressors


When compressed air is generated using oil-lubricated compressors it is inevitable that oil is present in the compressed air.
Importantly, the separators have the task of removing this oil. If they don’t work due to bad quality, they lower the service life of the expensive fine filters installed downstream.
In addition, the complete compressed air network has to be serviced because of oil contamination. This leads to a considerable increase in running costs. The consequence is higher energy costs.


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